Career Advancement Workshops

Don’t let your ambition burn you. Direct it to achieve your career goals. Learn to leverage your strengths and build confidence to get ahead in life and career. Whether you are trying to find a new job, get a promotion, find more meaning and balance in your work or excel in a new career, these workshops will enable you have the mindset and the tools to experience an enhanced you. The practical, interactive and experiential nature of the workshops make them applicable.

We work with corporations to customize the workshop to be reflective of their culture and reality and what they desire to create in the future.


Confidence Building

When smart and talented individuals learn how to tap into their inner strengths, align themselves to their core values and are able to project the confidence from within, amazing thing happen in their careers and life. Incidentally, the biggest challenges at workplace are related to having confidence from within and being their authentic selves, where one is not shaken by external influences.

This workshop has been specifically designed with a view inward to address these challenges and provide the audience with core tools which they access and work with. The participants will experience a shift to be more confident during the workshop itself and can apply and utilize these tools in their day to day life

From Stress to Bliss: Reduce Stress - Be Happy Workshop

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Do you know that Stress is the world’s silent killer? According to the American Institute of Stress, the latest data suggests that in US, 80% of workers are stressed at work. Relationships and managing workload are cited as the major contributing factors.

Overload of Stress not only creates day-to-day challenges like difficulty in controlling negative emotions but also over long-term can lead to disease and disability. The common symptoms we see in our practices are poor digestion, being perpetually tired, having sleep difficulties, and not being able to be present with the loved ones.

What if you had the opportunity to start the year right?

What if you can learn to identify early symptoms of Stress?

What if you had simple tools, tips and techniques to relieve your techno-stress, people-stress, boss-stress or work-stress?

What if you learned them practically by experiencing them in the workshop from the experts in the field?

What if you brought a workbook home that told you how to continue doing what you learned?

Take charge of your own health with lifestyle practices in 2019.

Stop procrastinating on what matters the most in life – YOUR Health and YOUR Wellbeing!

Learn powerful techniques to feel happy and energized.

In these IGNITED 3 hours together, you will learn:

– 7 practices for a healthy body

– 7 practices for a healthy mind, including knowledge of neurochemincals that impact stress and bliss

– Easy mindfulness and meditation techniques for your spirit

– Focus and alignment practices that increase wellbeing

Contact us if you would like to attend!


Embrace the whole you

We are more than our mind or even body. There are senses, emotions, thoughts and spirit also playing in this mix. It is easy to get caught up in the mind and ignore what our body, senses and spirit is telling us. We sometimes shut off our intuitive being which is powerful in guiding us to towards a happier and more productive us.

This workshop focusses on the various facets of us and embracing our complete self in entirety in everything we do. You will learn to cultivate non-judgmental awareness of your body, senses, emotions and thoughts in day-to-day life and develop the potential to experience each moment.

This workshop brings together practices of breathing, mindfulness, somatic awareness with the knowledge of how our brain functions, to make a scientific case for embracing the whole you.

This workshop is the most transformational of all our workshops.

The usual length of the workshop is four hours. It can be customized based on what needs more focus for the particular organization and its employees.

Branding through LinkedIn

With over 500 million members worldwide, LinkedIn has become the most trusted source for professionals to connect with other professionals to grow their careers and find the next big opportunity. It is true that LinkedIn can enhance your career in a big way. However, to maximize your chances, you need to be found and you need to be heard.

This 120-minute information packed online Live webinar or in-classroom workshop, will introduce you to techniques to help you to build a highly effective LinkedIn profile and expand your targeted network in a professional manner. You will also learn how to find and apply for new career opportunities.

While creating a stellar profile is the pre-requisite, it is building a unique brand which gets you in the league of being an influencer. Understand how to create an online brand. Learn how to become impactful through LinkedIn groups. Know how to publish posts, status and articles to amplify your work and engage effectively with fellow professionals.

This workshop is one of our most sought-after workshops and hundreds have learnt the secrets of branding through this workshop.

If you are a business looking at bringing customized workshop to your organization, let us know a little bit more your needs.