‘Ignite your Light’ retreats are 3 days of discovering and embracing a new you!

We are more than our mind or even our body. There are senses, emotions, thoughts and spirit also playing in this mix. It is easy to get caught up in the mind and ignore what our body, senses and our spirit is telling us. We sometimes shut off our intuitive being which is powerful in guiding us to towards a happier and more productive us.

Embrace the whole you

This retreat is about ‘igniting the inner lights burning within all of us’.

Our weekend retreats are Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon in the beautiful Bainbridge island, just a short ferry ride from Seattle.

Please sign up if you are interested more about this exclusive and one of the kind experience. It is limited to a small group of people.

If you are a business either looking at sponsoring a few employees to such a retreat or have a customized retreat for your entire team, click here to let us know a little more on your needs.