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Effective leaders create, sustain and grow healthy organizations. They not only make a positive impact on the culture of their organizations, but also add value through their words and actions. However, most executives and team leaders get busy with fighting fires, managing pressures and staying afloat. As a leader, more is expected of you. You are also expecting more from yourself.

There are a range of challenges which leaders face; from making difficult decisions, to tough culture issues to having an impostor syndrome and being lonely at the top.

Infinite Potential Leadership (IPL) Coaching makes good leaders great.

The owner and founder of IPL, Anu Arora, takes Coaching to the next level with her corporate experience, background in functional health system and mindfulness

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Anu Arora

Leadership & Executive Coach

About Coach Anu

Coach Anu is an experienced technology leader, trainer, author, leadership and an executive coach, Anu thrives in complex environments that require both technical and interpersonal excellence. Prior to becoming a coach, Anu held software engineering and aeronautical engineering leadership roles in public sector and high-growth companies. After starting her career in building helicopters at Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, she managed the training function of a government department in Australia. She then moved to the United States to engineer software products for Microsoft. Among other noteworthy engagements, she managed the quality division of Microsoft Windows responsible for delivering Windows in over 100 languages. She also was a part of small and niche company-wide quality improvement team, re-designing processes and introducing innovative solutions across the entire company.

Anu is now owner of Infinite Potential Leadership, sought-after for coaching and training leaders and teams to increase their effectiveness, self-awareness, and help them realize their infinite potential. Anu Arora helps high achievers who know that they are ready to go big but don’t quite know how to. Her genius is in creating transformational shift through coaching and training which expands individuals, government and corporations to become holistic, productive and far-reaching in their impact