Scope of Services

We at Infinite Potential Leadership believe that coaching is one of the most effective tool available to take leadership to a brand-new level of awareness, connection and results. Coaching can be effective at both individual and team level.

Individual Leadership Coaching

Individual Leadership Coaching is one-on-one, customized development opportunities for team leads, managers and executives. Anu provides safe and supportive environment and through powerful inquiry will help individuals create innovative and breakthrough solutions to achieve momentous business results.

The founder of IPL, Anu Arora, takes Coaching to the next level with her corporate experience, and her background in functional health system and mindfulness. Her training in Coaching and Conversational Intelligence from some of the best schools in the world allows her to bring her intuition and listening to co-create a new world, solution or strategy for however difficult the situation for the leader may be.

Team Coaching

A high performing team is where the whole is sum of the parts. Even a team where single person is individually exceling can struggle to work together.

Team Coaching allows individuals to not only tap into their own greatness and also leverage each other’s strengths to co-create synergy, energy and momentum of a high performing team.

The Team Coaching Engagements are designed around organization’s needs and desired outcomes.

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